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⏬please read Hillary Clinton supports ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALITY & ISLAM!Any professing Christian in America who votes for Hillary is voting for MURDER, PERVERSITY & TERRORISM...No matter who becomes president, GOD is still KING ETERNAL and YOU will face Him for your choices. True Christians do NOT support Hillary, because TRUE Christians do NOT support murder, perversity and terrorism!If you support these SINS or any politicians who enforce laws that allow this darkness to infest America, you are GUILTY of those very SINS and you are NOT a real Christian! "Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil BY LAW, have fellowship with you??They gather together against the life of the righteous and condemn innocent blood (abortion)... Sally Emc When u come to think that France is the first country to support BDS and SO much more! Jessica Lee Smith Yesterday at am · Dearest Professing Christians Who Support HILLARY CLINTON...Complementary treatments like guided imagery can help reduce anxiety before surgery & improve surgical outcomes, according to #Haifa researchers.Preop #anxiety leads to raised blood pressure & heart rate and is very common.if that's you, then REPENT or do NOT dare profess Christianity!God's people do NOT support, promote or VOTE for the kingdom of darkness!

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" (Psalm -23) Check out this Great article link below!!! Did you know that #Israel is often 1st on the ground after a natural disaster?

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