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Through a clearing in the shadowy forest, a trio of towers rise menacingly into the night sky. And so realistic you'll keep looking over your shoulder. CChuck's Revenge -mfmi » c" i^^J' by RONCILI But fear not. Beware, you'll laugh so hard, milk will flow from your nose. You can almost smell the grass, feel the silky putting surfaces and take in the fresh sea air. Available on: PC (VGA or MCGA, ' 640k and Hard disk required.

You are on the threshold of terror, one wrong move and it's curtains. The exciting sequel to Eye of the Beholder is here. The improved "point 'n' click" interface lets you come face-to- face with the most gruesome characters and complex clues. ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, AD&D and the TSR logo are trademarks owned by TSR, Inc., Lake Geneva, WI, USA and used under license from Strategic Simulations, Inc Sunnyvale, CA, USA. Behind every pirate is a really gnarly chair and in front of Guybrush is a saga so savage it'll put hairs on your chest. Available on: Amiga (32 colours) and PC CVGA/ MCGA. Supports Ad Lib™, Roland™, Soundblaster^^' and Sound Master™II sound cards. At times, you'll want to replace the divots, until you remember it's only a game. And now, the 256 colour 3D graphics can be enjoyed on another six championship courses: Bountiful Municipal, Firestone CC South, Bayhill, Pinehurst, Barton Creek and Hyatt Dorado. Supports: Ad Lib™, Soundblaster™ MSound™ sound cards) Amiga version coming soon. SCREENSHOTS ARE ONLY INTENDED TO BE ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE GAMEPLAY AND NOT THE SCREEN GRAPHICS WHICH MAY VARY CONSIDERABLY BETWEEN DIFFERENT FORMATS IN QUALITY AND APPEARANCE AND ARE SUBJECT TO THE COMPUTERS SPECIFICATIONS review Contents PC GAMES COME OF AGE?

Features instant flying mode for beginners, interactiv e hy pertext help system and tunable joystick ^ system for maximum response. Now, Available on: PC (CGA/Tandy (4 Colour), EGA (16 colour) VGA (256 Colour). With outfits such as the Bitmap Brothers (see News section) saying that they want to see more arcade-style games on the PC, it's only a matter of time before the PC has as wide-ranging a games catalogue as other leisure computers.

Christina Ersldne FEATURES 20 CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA UPGRADE KIT Buying a brand new PC with an Integral CD-ROM may not be economically viable, but there are cheaper alternatives.

In fact, you'll only want to stop playing this State-of-the-Art adventure game for one reason. Supports Ad Lib^", Soundblaster™' and compatibles). With 256 colours (PC version), variable difficulty modes, interactive reggae music and "point 'n' click" interface, you'll be transported to Monkey Island in a flash. ^ FLIGHT FOR PC A Simulation to take your breath away Hard on the tail of Jetfighter I, the mind-blowing combat sequel is airborne. We've been banging on for some time now in PC Review about how PC games are improving all the time, tiie PC being the entertain- ment platfom of the future, depth of gameplay and so on and so forth, but it's usually in terms of potential - about how they're going to be great as programming expertise develops, prices come down and everybody generally gets their act together.

To pinch yourself j and prove you're not in the middle of a nightmare. Jetfighter IL Advanced Tactical Fighter shoots Top Gun down in flames. However, in all eleven issues of PC Review, 1 can't remember a single month in which we rated games quite so highly as this one.

"^^ * Ipl a -, Maximum break for Jimmy Wliite's Snoolcer? Side-splitting pirate adventure Just when you thought it was le end for Le Chuck, he's back. S Gold Ltd., Units 2/3, Holford Way, Holford, Bimingham B6 TAX. SPORT FOR PC __ Play a round All year round It's raining cats and dogs outside, but it's a beautiful crisp Spring day on the Torrey Pines Golf Course. Gazing down the fairway, you notice every feature of this classic Pacific Ocean Links course.

Revolutionary animation lets you see parachutes opening in the wind, radar chaff blooming behind your jet and feel the landing gear deploy and retract. 1 think that we are beginning to see the fruit of publishers using the PC as their 'target' machine, ie, a title is developed first and foremost for the PC, and then converted on to other formats (Micro Prose, in this month's On the Spot feature, has quite a bit to say about this subject), and the fact that the large and very diverse PC user base is starting to get the attention it deserves.Paul Presley tries out the Creative Multimedia Upgrade Kit and transforms his PC.28 ON THE SPOT Nine PC Review readers and flight sim fanatics descended upon Micro Prose for a day of demos, discussion and questions and answer sessions. 30 THE MUSIC MACHINE In the second part of his Introductory guide to music, Rob Seattle delves deeper Into the potential of MIDI, and puts together an effective music starter system around the PC.COVER DISK 84 DISK 1 1 If you liked the look of Shadowlands, the new RPG from Domark, when we reviewed it in Issue 9, you like this even more - a specially written playable extract from the game, which will give you more than a taste of the gameplay and atmosphere of the full program.Dogfights take on a different dimension with real time artificial intelligence. Without giving the game away too much (turn to the reviews section and read on for yourself), there are no less than two games rated at nine, and a third at eight, none of them are from the 'traditional' PC RPG or deep strategy genres and only one is a flight sim.

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Includes F/A-18 Hornet, F-16 Falcon and F-14 Tomcat. The PC has long been the machine to own if you're a flight sim or RPG buff, but it's good to see other types of game beginning to hold their own.

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