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It was also observed that all cases of empyema complicated by bronchopleural fistula were difficult to manage and needed major surgery.She said: "It's gone on for seven years of my life. "Friends and people I had known all my life were looking at me sideways.Background: Empyema thoracis is a disease that, despite centuries of study, still causes significant morbidity and mortality.Aim: The present study was undertaken to study the age-sex profile, symptomatology, microbiologic findings, etiology and the management and treatment outcome in a tertiary care hospital.Results: The peak age was in the range of 21-40 years, the male-to-female ratio was 3.4:1.0 and the left pleura was more commonly affected than the right pleura.

Settings and Design: A prospective study of empyema thoracis was conducted on 40 consecutive patients with empyema thoracis admitted to the tuberculosis and chest diseases ward of a teaching hospital.

Materials and Methods: The demographic data, clinical presentation, microbiological findings, etiology, the clinical course and management were recorded as per a planned pro forma and analyzed.

Two patients received antibiotics with repeated thoracentesis only, intercostal chest tube drainage was required in 38 cases (95%) and more aggressive surgery was performed on 2 patients.

The average duration for which the chest tube was kept in the complete expansion cases was 22.3 days.

Etiology of empyema was tubercular in 65% cases and nontubercular in 35% cases.

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