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Michael completely owned him when he pointed out that he was wearing Jordans. Jordan also used to make sure airport security would bring out his luggage first, meaning yes, he was a cheater.

After he dunked over the much smaller John Stockton (6’0″), a Jazz fan sitting courtside yelled out to Jordan to dunk over somebody his own size.

It worked, and like so many players before him, Kwame never recovered The only knock on Jordan’s game was that he could have been a better three-point shooter.

However, when a reporter once told him that Clyde Drexler was better than him in that aspect of the game, he responded with this: “Clyde is a better three-point shooter than I choose to be.” Twitter MJ once lost a game of ping pong to his teammate.

In his defense, being the best doesn’t come without some foul play, whether it’s blatantly disrespecting everyone you come in contact with, or playing dirty mind games. While MJ might not have the cleanest reputation as a role model, no one every dominated the game like he did, and his career is still something we can all learn from.

So, be a d*ck, be an assh*le, but most importantly, be a winner. According to former Chicago Bulls assistant coach, Johnny Bach, MJ destroyed Muggsy Bouges’ confidence and ended his career in one game: Jordan While defending the title during the 1996 season, Jordan had to deal with Nets guard Jim Jackson, who was mouthing off to him the whole game. During his days with the Bulls, he would bet with his teammates on whose luggage would come out first at the airport.

It’s been 16 years since his retirement (let’s not count that run with the Wizards), but Michael Jordan is still the greatest of all time.

However, what he also possessed is something that he’s still known for, and it ain’t nothing nice! His teammates, opponents, hell, maybe even his family, would likely agree.”After losing to Dream Team coach Chuck Daly in a one-on-one golf tournament, Jordan forced his way into Chuck’s hotel room the next morning by pounding on the door nonstop, demanding a rematch. However, being hand-selected by Michael Jordan to help in his comeback was next level. While Kwame thought he would receive mentorship from the greatest basketball player alive, he ended up receiving more abuse, which was well-documented.According to multiple sources, Jordan would say and do everything he could to Brown in order to make him cry in front of the team.He bought his own table immediately after and spent the next six months training every day until he beat him in the rematch.Literally, the next possession after, MJ posterized center Mel Turpin (7’1″).

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He turned to the fan and asked: “Is that big enough? Jordan is just as competitive on the golf course as he was on the basketball court. During a friendly game with former President Bill Clinton, he forced the commander in chief to step up to the pro level, asking him, “You’re going to play from the little girls’ tees? By coming out of high school as the number one pick, there was a lot of pressure on 18-year-old Kwame Brown.