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The wagons had no driver's seat, so a postilion sat on the left rear horse and held his whip in his right hand.

Seated on the left, the driver preferred that other wagons pass him on the left so that he could be sure to keep clear of the wheels of oncoming wagons.

Following the Napoleonic Wars, the French imposed RHT on parts of Europe.

During the colonial period, RHT was introduced by the French in New France, French West Africa, the Maghreb, French Indochina, the West Indies, French Guiana and the Réunion, among others.

Such signs are placed at the exit of parking areas associated with scenic views, where other road traffic may at times be sparse.The terms right-hand traffic and left-hand traffic refer to regulations requiring all bidirectional traffic, unless otherwise directed, to keep to the right or to the left side of the road, respectively.Archaeological evidence in England suggests driving on the left.If two men riding on horseback were to start a fight, each would edge toward the left.In the late 1700s, traffic in the United States was on the right was based on teamsters' use of large freight wagons pulled by several pairs of horses.

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