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Spinchat sex

The Counter-Cult movement (CCM) coalesced in the 1960's, largely in opposition to the many new, small Christian religious groups which were then proliferating.They used the horrible experiences of members of a very few destructive cults in order to generate public fear and loathing for a wide range of new, benign religious groups, primarily those who: The 2X2s appear to have been largely ignored by most of the counter-cult movement.All of those who do not belong to the group, (the remaining 99.999% of humanity) will be sent to Hell for eternal torment without hope of relief when they die. has suffered much persecution, which is the principal reason for its obscurity and the low profile it continues to keep.Moreover, the very worst persecutors have been the Christian churches themselves, which from the earliest times have diluted and perverted the true gospel." Beliefs that they have to follow strict behavioral codes throughout their lifetime.(Most evangelical Christians and the CCM critics claim that only repentance and trusting Jesus are necessary for salvation.Some of these do not even require repentance.)Claim that they alone will mostly attain Heaven after death.They feel that they can lose their salvation at any time.

On some matters, they are very similar to other fundamentalist Christians in their beliefs. Their main difference is over the history of the church and personal salvation.Charges of mind-control "brainwashing" techniques have been discredited by the mental health community and are believed to be groundless.We have found no evidence of this in the 2X2s or in any other religious group.Because of the secretive nature of the group, there is no way to relibably determine which of the above are valid criticisms of the 2X2s.The group is not mentioned in any of the popular anti-cult books written by conservative Christians.

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The criticism that does exist appears to be at the Belief that salvation is only attained by joining the 2X2 group, trusting in Jesus and leading a devout life.

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