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Squamish dating

The source for this material is found in upper parts of the mountain area in higher elevations that surround the mountain range.British Explorer Captain George Vancouver reached Howe Sound in June 1792 and became the first European to see the mountain.Named after Mount Garibaldi, this 1,946.5 square kilometre park was established to protect the rich geological history, diverse vegetation, iridescent waters, abundant wildlife, and rugged mountains, many of which are capped by glaciers.Captain Richards, and his officers, renamed the mountain after the Italian military and political leader Giuseppe Garibaldi, who that year had succeeded in unifying Italy by patriating Sicily and Naples.In 1927, Garibaldi was made into a large wilderness park called Garibaldi Provincial Park.Obsidian is a black volcanic glass that was used to make knives, chisels, adzes, and other sharp tools in pre-contact times.This material appears in sites dated to 10,000 years ago up to protohistoric time periods.

This mountain, like others located in the area, is considered sacred for it plays an important part in their history.

In their oral history, they passed down a story of the flood covering the land.

During this time, only two mountains peaked over the water, and this mountain was one of them.

It was here that the remaining survivors of the flood latched their canoes to the peak and waited for the waters to subside.

During this time George Vancouver met and traded with the local natives in the area.

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In 1860, while carrying out a survey of Howe Sound on board the Royal Navy survey ship HMS Plumper, Captain George Henry Richards was impressed by a gigantic mountain dominating the view to the northeast.

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