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It does not discuss how to create a Microsoft Debugger extension, and is not even going to citate anything related to that. It is all about software exploitation, so I completely ignore other motivations for program analysis (although I know those motivations are really important too).

This article uses program analysis as the way of making a computational system reason automatically (or at least with little human assistance) about the behavior of a program and draw conclusions that are somehow useful. LI#\ZX [email protected]=0G-S77($Z]T*; S*[(%$]*@Q0$ZB[B4EA5A8L18ET/S'#B`@$Y9, MX? In a world where thousands of crashes do exist and are easily found in very important softwares, the classification of exploitability of such bugs is the first priority. It is known that it is impossible (or inviable or nobody wants to, or whatever other excuse you find to not fix your software) to fix all the bugs such fuzzers are finding, so, at least, companies want to fix (or exploit) the ones that are exploitables. The problem is that the only available solution to analyze such crashes are provided by Microsoft (named ! ------[ 1 - Introduction Program Analysis is a hot topic.

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Many people are discussing this subject even more given the amazing numbers of crashes the fuzzers are finding nowadays [1] [2].

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