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The Green Mountains are full of high-profile writers.

But only one has inspired a hunger striker, a congressional denunciation and references to Hitler with a single book.

For some teens, a romance with an older person can feel more like salvation than victimization.” On the subject of child pornography, she criticizes prevention laws that “have diverted millions of dollars from real child welfare and created an atmosphere of puritanical surveillance over all U. citizens in the dubious name of catching a small number of people who, if left alone, might do nothing more harmful to minors than sit around and masturbate to pictures of ten-year-olds in bathing suits.” Levine figured her book would be controversial.

In its pages, she attacks censorious feminists along with right-wing politicians for their contributions to what she calls “the sexual politics of fear.” Therapists, too, play a part in the pathologizing.

By mid-April, the firestorm had spread to Washington, D. Vermont psychologist Sharon Lamb heard the first jab on “ Dr.

Laura.” “ I think she was saying that Judith had said it was okay for a teen-ager to have sex with a priest,” recalls the author of The Secret Life of Girls.

Judith Levine, a part-time resident of Hardwick, has been all over the national media since the March publication of her Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex.

The 49-year-old journalist has aroused the ire of conservative critics — including Republican Congressman Tom De Lay and talk-show host Dr.

Not surprisingly, the book was rejected by numerous publishers before the University of Minnesota Press signed on — one editorial board called the footnote-filled manuscript “radioactive.” But there was no way to predict the coincidence of its publication with a global scandal over sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests.

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“ I actually thought the book — like most books — wouldn’t make it above the radar,” she says. Her comments on masturbation, for which she was sacked during the Clinton administration, qualified her to write the forward to Harmful to Minors.