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The updating

PCR documents can also be revised during its validity period, provided significant and well-justified proposals for changes or amendments are presented.

This includes the publication of a new version of the General Programme Instructions, new LCA-based information generated in the relevant industry sector, special market demands not covered in the existing PCR document or comments received during the validity period of the document being of sufficient technical relevance or minor edits for clarification.

These comments will be filed by the programme operator and valuable as inputs when the PCR document is subject for an update.

It is important to simplify the procedure for updating a PCR document with the necessary involvement of interested parties.

A reminder of the need for an eventual update of a PCR document may be indicated on the website.

The request will be processed through the Technical Committee (TC), which will decide upon the urgency of the matter.

In case the request is found appropriate, the programme will inform the PCR moderator and initiate the revision process.

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