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Theperilsofcyber dating com

It's been called the city that never sleeps, and well, the one that sleeps around, too.

I haven't lived here for 10 years yet, but I'm up to six, and I claim the title of a New Yorker pretty proudly.

While online dating can be more relaxing than bar hopping, the tricky part is getting your healthy, authentic self to resonate from the screen. Posting active photos will demonstrate your healthy lifestyle.

If you’re obsessed with yoga, green juice, and meditation, you’re probably seeking a partner with a similar lifestyle. Fellow daters will see you in action and envision you hitting the gym or playing tennis together.

Wasting space listing things you’re not attracted to can come across as negative. Feel free to touch on the hot yoga class that kicked your butt or your favorite health food spot. There’s nothing more attractive to the health-conscious than authenticity.

Also, describe activities and food you enjoy as opposed to those you tend to avoid. These terms will stand out to those who share your interests. Be honest about your habits—don’t say you exercise five times a week if it’s really five times a month. Make sure your profile is a good balance between your commitment to coconut water as well as your favorite summer cocktail. Portraying balance will show that you’re not afraid to split an ice cream once in a while.

I haven't given up on finding my future husband in this city, but I've also come to learn that the way we date in NYC isn't how everyone else dates across the country, and even the globe.

But finding a healthy match in cyberspace can be tougher than running that half marathon you just completed. According to Julie Spira, a cyber-dating expert and author of “Online daters are visual, so posting active photos is essential.” 2. Healthy people strive for positivity and seek it in others.Focus on the traits you do want in a partner instead of making a laundry list of turn-offs. If you’re a regular drinker, definitely mention that you love your liquid kale.Even though there is so much to love about this glistening metropolis, there are also a few things about living here that make dating and finding love difficult in New York City.From endless selection to hectic, busy schedules held by highly-motivated people, it's not only settling down that's tough, it's being able to sit still for more than a drink before you take another call.As Spira cautions, “You don’t want someone thinking you’re up for a 10-mile hike if you can barely make it through one mile. If you’re on a dating site to attract your healthy other half, keep these tips in mind.

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If your profile accurately reflects your true, healthy self, you and your new mate will be splitting a bottle of organic wine in no time.