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Together dating service company

I went home and had some unsettled feelings about all of this. An exhorbitant amount for a single mother with a fixed income. outside my 10 year "limit." I know what you mean had gotten refurly for 2 dates out of the company and they was over a hundred miles away so I try to get out of the program and they said I was in a contract and couldn't leave so I said I would pay and I am still getting debt collection letters even after 12 years at a cost stating over 3000 dollars. They later phoned me and said they needed clients over 50 and for only a couple hundred more I could upgrade. Most of the matches were not what I had requested,they smoked, lived in their ex step mothers place, people who had nervous backgrounds, etc. So it seems they are willing to accept any information without checking. I have a criminal background that made it through the "screening" process. We were married in March 2002 and have been together since.

I felt very shakey about this decision and sort of sick to my stomach. I got a call from "the personal shopper" in a couple days. I chose them because they claimed to run a police check. I tried to find out about them on-line and all I find is that they are cheats and scammers. I signed up, about a week later I had a financial emergency. It's not too bad but it didn't even blip their radar! We held our membership until our 3 year anniversary and then we both sold our memberships to coworkers .

When she represented the different packages, she highly recom- mended the highest costing package (one with the best best hope for success, and included a "personal shopper". They say I owe them 00= dollars for something I had never heard of until today.

Of course before she gave me a set price, she went to see her manager and got me a special "deal price". I can not believe no one has filed a class action suit. The collection lady had the audacity to ask me if anyone else had access to my information?

The conditions are - you can't advertise - not published, not on-line, not on a bulletin board. I don't have a network and don't have a chance to meet other people. We contacted those who'd filed complaints w/ the Better Business Bureau (public records!

I was also put off by her personal comments where she tried to relate to me. When I contacted togetherdating, I was told that my standards were not strict enough. My experience w/ Together Dating Service goes back many years; I paid ,500 for their "unlimited" service, but the only thing it turned out to be was "Unlimited Aggravation"!She called me back with a perspective date that did not fit my qualifications and misrepresented me, too. After using a lot of manipulative tactics, which I've learned about in the number of years since then, & specifying the type of person I wanted to meet, almost immediately I was regularly introduced to exactly the wrong kind of person!After I thought about it, I didn't feel comfortable with her "date suggestion" and not even comfortable with the whole dating service idea. It was too expensive and I didn't have any faith that this shopper would be able to help me. When I called the office they told me that I couldn't get out of the contract because the "shopper" had already referred someone to me. The scam is, unless you're the perfect model (& then why would you have problems meeting anyone in the 1st place?!It was deplorable how little cooperation I was given and very clear that this was a set-up for naive people. Two of them were nothing like I had explained I was looking for. It was then I decided I wanted to sell my contract and was sent a flyer of the paragraph in the contract. ) they do everything they can to get you to just quit & walk away. A friend was in the newspaper business & we decided to do an "investigative report" on Together & scammy businesses like them.I had a great example of a successful dating story and thought I might try Together Dating Service.

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I listened very closely to the pitch and had a very interesting and friendly conversation with my interviewer.

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