Tufts university dating scene

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Tufts university dating scene

“I wouldn’t want her to eat it all the time or anything, but I like to take a girl out for ice cream.” 4.

Andy, a former Her Campus Real Live College Guy, admits that guys have a soft spot for this quirk. “Biting your lip when you smile can be sexy because it draws attention to your mouth and conveys a fun, mischievous attitude,” explains Leigh.“Oh my God, I love it when a girl bites her lower lip,” he says. Just don’t pout unless you’re genuinely put out about something—pouting signals disdain or childishness, says Leigh.Your mother may frown upon your unbalanced diet––we’re sure a nutritionist would, too––but your inability to resist anything frosted is endearing and adorable to guys.Stacey, a student at Vanderbilt University, once ended up on the wrong side of her sweet tooth, but her weakness for all things Candy Land-appropriate became a bonding moment for her and her boyfriend when she panicked about spending on sweets in one sitting. “[My boyfriend has] been known to bring me my favorite sweet treats from around campus,” she says. “[My boyfriend] knows I have a serious sweet tooth and finds it very cute,” she says.As every girl who’s ever envied Zooey Deschanel knows, quirkiness is the cutest trait in a collegiette. While some quirks may send men running for the hills (think creepy doll collections or nasty hygiene habits), others can be totally endearing.

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The dating scene is full of awesome, attractive girls, so if you want to catch a guy’s attention in the middle of the crowd, you have to celebrate what makes you different from those thousands of others! You may be insecure about your tendency to snort when you laugh, but some boys will love you all the more for it – it’s what makes you unique, and it reminds them that you’re a one-of-a-kind catch!