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Here, we are moving ahead with installation using binary packages and it will be applicable to all major Linux distributions.

I have a 32 bit system, So I am going to download Firefox for my 32 bit OS from the Firefox download page at.

Now, you have two options, one you can remove existing version and another, if you want to keep both versions. So, I’ll rename existing version and link original one to new instance.

Finally, Firefox version 49 has been released on September 20, 2016, for all major OS e.g. The binary package are now available for download for Linux (POSIX) systems, grab desired one and enjoy the browsing with new features added to it.

New Firefox has also added a lots of new interesting features to Android as well.

We cannot upgrade Firefox to a recent version in Ubuntu just by navigating to Help and by clicking the Check for Updates option!

- the way usually followed by everyone to upgrade Firefox browser in their Windows machine. Either by adding a PPA and upgrade or by downloading the binaries and installing it manually.

If you say y, next time you will be promt to upgrade firefox when update is available. HTH However Firefox can also be upgraded using system upgrade depedent method.

At the end it asks for checking Firefox update frequently.

i'm new to linux flavor i hope these commands will helpful Update Firefox on Ubuntu / Debian Linux $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install firefox Update Firefox on Fedora / Redhat / Cent OS Linux # yum update # yum update firefox if your problem not solved by using this commands i'm solved i'm sry..! There is a nice way to upgrade a firefox to latest version, which I have learnt recently. Here i assume that you have configured system updater.

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i.e You have to look at System updater menu and select the appropriate firefox update.

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