Updating google earth image

Posted by / 04-Mar-2016 05:03

Updating google earth image

If the streaming indicator remains incomplete after several minutes, it's likely there's an issue with your internet connection, firewall settings, or graphics card drivers.

Visit our help center articles on crashing and graphics issues for assistance.

There are also blogs detailing where and when Google updates images. By the way, as anyone could imagine, updating a database of the images of the world would take a quite long time. Check to use Google Earth's competitors to see if they have a more up to date views.The images in Google Earth (and Google Maps) are updated on a continuous basis.If you're looking for the most recent imagery, you may be able to find it by exploring the Historical Imagery Time Slider.You can browse historical imagery for any location by going to View If the Streaming Indicator is at 100%, and the image still appears blurry, it's likely that we don't currently provide high-resolution data for this location.Google offers high resolution imagery for thousands of cities, and more are on the way.

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