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Veterinary dating

She drew a long, pensive drag on her cigarette as I approached, then dropped and crushed it into the sidewalk with a sideways twist of her scuffed black pumps. “I am concerned that they may choose another veterinarian where they won’t have to feel uncomfortable when they walk to their cars after dark.One of the female employees pointed out to his chagrin that the special woman was actually a hooker, not an admirer.With the exception of the technician, we all got a good laugh out of the incident.The complaints started to increase, and each time, the description of the hooker was the same. It was almost closing time and the sun had started to set, leaving the streets somewhere between daylight and streetlight.I found the lady in question only 20 feet out my front door. ” Her eyes got large, the color blanched from her pursed lips, her head slightly cocked to the side.One day at work, one of my male employees came back from lunch bragging that a woman had just offered him personal favors.He happened to be rather impressed with himself, and his take was that the woman was hitting on him because he, in his own mind, was quite the lothario.

Just about every seasoned male veterinarian I know has at least one hooker or stripper anecdote.I have yet to hear such a tale from a female veterinarian–maybe because it has never happened to them, or they just don’t want to talk about it, I have no idea.Not long afterward one of the receptionists came to me with a concern that a hooker had been harassing our clients.We had no off-street parking, so our clients had to walk up and down the block to get to their cars.Leaning against the corner street sign was a cinnamon-skinned woman, silver-black hair (slicked back in a tight bun), skin-tight gold spandex pants, gossamer, dirty gray braless top cut mid belly, and excessive jewelry that looked like it came from The 99-cent Only Store. “Whatever you want it to be, honey.” She smiled–a Cheshire grin that lacked the two upper middle incisors. She leaned forward and I could smell her musty body odor.

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She wore no lipstick, but her eyes were painted like a circus clown. “We need to talk.” “I don’t care what you want to do, it’s your money.” Again, I ignored her comment, pausing briefly for effect. “Some of my clients object to your confronting them,” I said.

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