What do you think of online dating

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What do you think of online dating

But we are so in love with each other ❤️❤️ We Face Time each other daily and talk about our lives. She lives 300 miles away from me which I am so sad about. So over the winter break I am willing to travel 300 miles to see her.

We met during the month of October so it has not even been a month yet.

My sister met her ex gf online and she flew to Arizona to visit her. You never know what you'll miss out on so just take the chance.

We have also talked about being together and how awesome it would be once we finally see each other. She told me she is going to book a hotel for me too ❤️😊 What do you guys think about this? I trust her and she trusts me and this is my first time online dating.I met my bf online, we live an hour away from each other and met up at a mall. I also came armed with pepper spray just in case lol.I know she is real because she post pictures on her Facebook profile daily and she has a lot of friends.I am afraid of traveling alone but she will be with me because she is spending the night with me.One of our conversations got so deep last week she started talking about our future together like having kids and possibly getting married.

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At first I thought it was lust but I truly think she is in love with me.