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Hurry when we’re driving, when we’re walking, hurry through the store and appointments, hurry through the work day, then hurry home to get dinner made and homework done, all to hurry and relax. We have a workaholic, there’s-not-enough-time-in-the-day mindset, and anything that makes things easier, any kind of shortcut that comes along, many will grab at it.This means opting for fast food, which is usually unhealthy; canned, prepared meals at the grocery store; and driving through anywhere instead of parking and getting out of the vehicle and walking into an establishment.When you feel better about yourself in all or some areas, it feeds that positivity into other areas, and also into your interactions with other people. The general life expectancy in the last half of the 1800s was around 40 years old.It is now around 78 years, and is expected to rise again to 98 years by the last half of this century.The simple act of parking 10 spaces further than you normally would and walking into the grocery store adds time to your life, and it is good, healthy time.Simple, natural movement like walking is an easy addition to anybody’s day, even for rushed or lazy people.

Aging is a natural process that everybody and everything go through — people, animals, food, inanimate items. But we can control how healthfully we age, and what our mindset is that surrounds the concept.But the point is, life expectancy has doubled over the last 150 years. Now we have virtually a whole additional life’s worth of years to live.Shouldn’t we at least try to make them as healthy and enjoyable as we can? One area she really focuses on is how we do have control over how we age.Diaz says she feels lucky to be to age, that aging is a privilege., captures that same essence of healthful living comprising your complete body and life. Blue Zones communities, restaurants, and businesses have even popped up across the United States promoting healthier living and lifestyles, and making healthier choices easier to access. Especially here in America, there is a pervasive urgency to hurry and cut corners.

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As a quick background to the healthy foundation of the Blue Zones idea (from the book ), there are five places in the world (Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, CA; and Nicoya, Costa Rica) that share nine elements (natural movement, a purpose, downshifting, the 80 percent rule, a plant-based diet, wine, the right tribe, community, putting loved ones first) that have now been scientifically proven to promote longevity and health in its residents. cities promoting the Blue Zones Project, and be sure to visit one!

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