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"Jessica is completely smitten over Nick between his personality and good looks," the source tells E! "She has been telling her close friends he makes her feel like she is on cloud nine and so loved.

Nick is very affectionate to her when they are with each other." Monroe, in the wake of his divorce from Carey as well as his commitment to his faith and family.

See Jessica gush on how Trey was the love of her life and how he brought her closer to God in the link below ( mark).

We're told that 34-year-old actor and the 30-year-old model, who, as a source previously told E!

News have been keeping low profile "out of respect for Nick's family since the divorce is not final," would like be more open about their relationship, but thus far have remained quiet due to the circumstances surrounding their coupling.

Nick "lives a really healthy lifestyle," the insider tells E!

News, noting that he is very dedicated to his church and faith.

"We'll forever be family," he said of his ex and two kids.

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"At the same time, we're there for our children, making them the No.