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The actor was awarded as the most influential actor of the year during the “2016 Weibo Movie Night” awards ceremony in Shanghai, China, as reported by Soompi.“Through this recognition, Lee Min Ho grows beyond being a Hallyu star and into a film actor representing Asia.

It is particularly meaningful that he received the award by the assessment of the Chinese public themselves.

It turned out that the images going around the web are old photos, which means Suzy is not cheating with her boyfriend.

The relationship of Lee Min Ho with the singer-actress has exceeded one year, which is why many are trying to break them apart.

The actor is also part of the upcoming movie “Bounty Hunters,” which will be released this coming July 1.

Lee Min Ho and Miss A Suzy have already broken up, recent reports revealed.

The famous couple who started dating in January 2015 are now surrounded by breakup and cheating controversies. The two worked on a project together and got closer to each other.

Fans are hoping for them to remain together despite the controversies.

The “Boys Over Flowers” actor is currently busy with his career.

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and popular K-pop groups like Girls’ Generation leading the charge, many Hallyu stars are finding themselves to be household names in many foreign countries outside of South Korea.

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