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Also: As we have talked with more and more women that have experienced If you don’t have equipment or if your space is limited, sub 40 burpees for the row/run, 21 squats (hold something heavy that you have in the house), and 12 push-ups.–via thing is, a lot of women get freaked out when they start lifting weights (especially when lifting weights is NEW) because they start to build muscle before they lose the fat surrounding the muscle.When a woman notices herself get bigger, typically the first thing she does is STOP whatever she thinks is making her bigger.Women with little to no muscle will typically increase their muscularity rather quickly.I’m not talking about According to Zatsiorsky and Kreamer in Science and Practice of Strength Training, women need to train with heavy weights not only to strengthen the muscles but also to cause positive adaptations in the bones and connective tissues.I know a lot of women who have stopped working out because they they’re getting bigger.The reality is this: it’s REALLY hard for women to get big and bulky without doing hormonal treatments to be more anabolic. What’s happening, and why women tend to freak out after a few weeks of lifting, is that the body is in a state of transition.I can’t believe that I haven’t actually written about this before because I tend to have this pep talk a LOT.

It’s not uncommon to gain 10 pounds and then lose 30! For the average woman who just wants to get stronger, look toned, lose weight, and feel as phenomenal as she already is, this is all you need to know.

Every women who starts lifting needs to give her body time to transition from fat storing to fat burning. Lift weights, and be the spectacular YOU that you always wanted.

Most women will in fact gain weight after they start lifting–maybe 5-10 lbs. And really, do I have to say, muscle weighs more than fat?!

So what happens NEXT–if you are patient–is that same muscle will start burning double the fat! I’m not writing to the woman who is out to compete, whose goal is to build mass, or to the girl who spends more time squatting than she does on anything else in life…cough, cough, wink.

Once you’ve got some muscle on that bod, the fat will start melting off–especially if the diet is even halfway decent. If there’s one piece of advice that I’ve neglected to give, or wish I could tell people who have quit, it’s this: give your body time to adjust. we have received several questions stemming from this article about how to properly train and how to fix a slow metabolism.

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Yes, you might gain a little weight after a few weeks, but in a few more weeks, consistent effort in the gym will give you the results you’re really looking for–that smaller, stronger, toned-looking body you’re after. Click here for our latest article on how to fix a slow metabolism and find details on how to get our free 12 week training programs designed specifically to build muscle, lower fat, and not damage your metabolism.

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