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Young dating uk

This is just as effective as using a traditional male condom and you won't lose the Femidom anywhere - trust me, it's brilliant.Check out Enhance the UK's Love Lounge for advice on anything to do with sex and disability, including relationship advice, dating, meeting people, coming out as gay etc.Regardless of who you are and who you're getting it on with, it's important to use barrier protection wherever possible to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy.If you're going to use them inside the vagina, you squeeze the ring together so it's tampon shaped-and-sized, and pop it inside, up over the cervix, with the semi-rigid rim sitting just outside the vaginal entrance.This is awesome, as used in this way it's also a barrier method that you can use without a full erection! The magic bit is that if you've got any issues with your hands, you can take the removable inner ring out..literally just pop it over the erect penis without any rolling, twiddling, pinching..handed.The Family Planning Association (FPA) offers a training programme to support adults and young people with learning disabilities to understand sexual health issues.

A very common problem that I encounter is that traditional male condoms can be extremely fiddly if you have any issues with dexterity or fine motor skills.

I just wanted to make a case for using Femidoms - for those who haven't encountered Femidoms, they're first and foremost intended for use as 'vagina liners' and consist of a large, non-latex sheath (a bit like a condom but looser fitting) with an internal, removable plastic ring and a semi-rigid rim at the bottom.

Like most teenagers though, the last people they probably want to talk to is their parents!

Growing up, my brother, who has Down's Syndrome, used to confide all sorts of secret crushes and passions to me that my parents never knew about.

The Family Planning Association has launched a new website, called FPA Pleasure, selling sex toys and accessories, including a guide to choosing products for disabled people.

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